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Acrylic Resins

A S Harrison & Co offers a comprehensive range of acrylic resins, specially formulated to enhance the performance and functionality of coatings. Our acrylic resins are designed to meet diverse coating requirements, providing exceptional properties for various applications. Here’s why you should consider our acrylic resins for your coating needs:

Carboxyl-Functional Solid Acrylic Resins

Explore our range of carboxyl-functional solid acrylic resins, meticulously crafted to meet the demands of epoxy-based powder coatings. These resins are specifically engineered to achieve matte finishes in epoxy-based powder coatings and to produce standard and low-cure hybrid powder coatings. With our carboxyl-functional acrylic resins, you can achieve coatings with excellent durability, chemical resistance, and aesthetic appeal.

Matting Resins with Multifunctional Capabilities

Discover our range of matting resins, offering versatile solutions for coatings that require adhesion, hardness, chemical resistance, and weatherability. These matting resins are engineered to cover a wide range of functions, ensuring optimal performance in diverse coating applications. Whether you’re formulating architectural paints, industrial coatings, or specialty finishes, our matting resins deliver consistent and reliable results.

Enhanced Performance and Functionality

Our acrylic resins are renowned for their ability to enhance coating performance and functionality. With their unique formulations, our acrylic resins offer superior adhesion, hardness, and resistance to chemicals and weathering, ensuring coatings that withstand harsh environmental conditions and maintain their integrity over time.

Tailored Solutions for Specific Applications

At A S Harrison & Co, we understand that each coating application has unique requirements. That’s why our acrylic resin portfolio is designed to provide tailored solutions for specific applications. Whether you need matte finishes for powder coatings or multifunctional capabilities for specialty coatings, our acrylic resins offer versatility and performance excellence.

Choose A S Harrison & Co for your acrylic resin needs and unlock the potential for superior coatings performance. With our range of acrylic resins, you can achieve coatings that excel in durability, aesthetics, and functionality, ensuring long-lasting protection and performance in any application.


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