Xanthan Gums

Coating formulators seeking to optimise viscosity, suspension, and stability in their formulations can rely on A S Harrison & Co’s range of Xanthan Gums. Our Xanthan Gums are specifically tailored for coatings applications, offering exceptional thickening, suspending, and stabilising properties across a wide pH range. Here’s why you should consider our Xanthan Gums for your coating filler needs:

Exceptional Thickening Properties

Our Xanthan Gums exhibit outstanding thickening capabilities, allowing formulators to achieve desired viscosity levels in coatings formulations. Whether you’re formulating paints, adhesives, or sealants, our Xanthan Gums ensure consistent and uniform thickness for ease of application and enhanced performance.

Superior Suspension Ability

Experience enhanced suspension of solids and pigments in coatings formulations with our Xanthan Gums. Their unique molecular structure enables efficient dispersion and suspension of particles, preventing settling and sedimentation. This ensures uniform distribution of additives and pigments throughout the coating, resulting in coatings with improved performance and appearance.

Wide pH Range Compatibility

Our Xanthan Gums are designed to provide stability and functionality over a wide pH range, making them suitable for various coating formulations. Whether your coatings require acidic or alkaline conditions, our Xanthan Gums deliver consistent thickening, suspending, and stabilising properties, ensuring compatibility and performance in diverse applications.

Versatile Applications

From water-based paints to industrial coatings, our Xanthan Gums offer versatile solutions for a wide range of coating formulations. Whether you need thickening agents for decorative paints or stabilisers for industrial coatings, our Xanthan Gums provide reliable performance and functionality in any application.

Cost-Effective and Efficient

In addition to their superior properties, our Xanthan Gums offer cost-effective and efficient solutions for coating formulations. Their high efficiency in small concentrations reduces overall formulation costs while ensuring optimal performance and stability, making them a valuable addition to any coating formulation.

Choose A S Harrison & Co for your Xanthan Gum needs and unlock the potential for superior coatings performance. With our range of Xanthan Gums, you can achieve coatings with enhanced viscosity, suspension, and stability, ensuring exceptional quality and performance in every application.


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