Are you seeking to enhance the brightness, functionality, and performance of your coatings? Look no further than A.S. Harrison & Co’s range of Wollastonite fillers. Wollastonite serves as a high brightness mineral filler and functional extender pigment for paints, delivering unparalleled benefits to coating formulations. Here’s why you should consider Wollastonite for your coating filler needs:

High Brightness and Functionality

Our Wollastonite fillers offer exceptional brightness, enhancing the visual appeal and vibrancy of coatings. Whether you’re formulating architectural paints or industrial coatings, Wollastonite delivers brilliant finishes that captivate and inspire.

pH Maintenance for Latex Paints

Wollastonite’s relatively high pH (10-11) plays a crucial role in maintaining the pH of latex paints within the desired range of 8-9. This pH stabilisation ensures the stability and performance of latex paints, allowing for consistent application and long-term durability.

Versatile Grades Available

At A.S. Harrison & Co, we offer both high aspect ratio and low aspect ratio grades of Wollastonite fillers to suit your specific coating requirements. Whether you need enhanced reinforcement or improved texture, our range of Wollastonite grades provides versatile solutions for any application.

Enhanced Performance and Durability

Wollastonite fillers excel in coatings applications where performance and durability are paramount. With their unique properties, including high brightness and pH maintenance, Wollastonite enhances coating strength, adhesion, and resistance to environmental factors.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

As a natural mineral filler, Wollastonite is environmentally friendly and sustainable, making it an ideal choice for eco-conscious coating formulations. By incorporating Wollastonite fillers into your coatings, you can promote sustainability while achieving superior performance and aesthetics.

Choose A.S. Harrison & Co for your Wollastonite filler needs and unlock the potential for brilliant, functional, and sustainable coatings. With our range of Wollastonite fillers, you can elevate your coatings to new levels of brightness, functionality, and durability, ensuring lasting impact and performance in any application.


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