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Coating formulators seeking to enhance the performance, aesthetics, and durability of their coatings should look no further than A.S. Harrison & Co. Our extensive range of premium fillers, including clays, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate products, Pyrophyllites, Wollastonite and Xanthan Gums offers unparalleled benefits for coating formulations. Here’s why you should partner with us for your filler needs:

Air-floated Kaolin Clays

Explore our specialised range of Air-floated kaolin clays, meticulously processed to meet the highest quality standards. These Air-floated kaolin clays offer exceptional purity, brightness, and particle size distribution, enhancing opacity, whiteness, and durability in coatings. With our Air-floated kaolin clays, achieve coatings with superior aesthetic appeal and long-lasting performance.

Magnesium Aluminum Silicate Products

Discover the superior performance of our Magnesium Aluminum Silicate products, industrial grades of naturally occurring colloidal smectite clay. These products produce uniform thixotropic aqueous dispersions at low concentrations, providing enhanced viscosity control, sag resistance, and stability in coatings. With our Magnesium Aluminum Silicate products, achieve coatings that meet the most demanding application requirements.


Benefit from our Pyrophyllites sourced from natural deposits, consisting of a unique blend of platy and granular particles. This natural composition offers excellent reinforcement to coatings, improving mechanical strength and enhancing abrasion resistance. With our Pyrophyllites, achieve coatings that withstand wear and tear in various environments, ensuring long-lasting protection and performance.

Wollastonite Fillers

Experience exceptional brightness and vibrancy with our Wollastonite fillers, enhancing the visual appeal of coatings. Whether formulating architectural paints or industrial coatings, Wollastonite delivers brilliant finishes that captivate and inspire. With our Wollastonite fillers, achieve coatings that stand out for their superior aesthetic qualities and lasting impact.

Xanthan Gums

For optimised viscosity, suspension, and stability in coating formulations, our Xanthan Gums are specifically tailored for coatings applications, offering exceptional thickening, suspending, and stabilising properties across a wide pH range. 

Partner with A S Harrison & Co for your filler needs and unlock the potential for superior coatings performance. With our premium fillers and unwavering commitment to excellence, we empower coating formulators to create coatings that excel in performance, aesthetics, and durability. Trust A S Harrison & Co as your preferred partner for premium fillers and elevate your coatings to new heights of success.


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