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Coating Corrosion Inhibitors

Coating formulators seeking top-tier corrosion protection solutions should collaborate with A S Harrison & Co and leverage their cutting-edge coating corrosion inhibitors. These high-technology additives, integrated with proprietary VpCI® chemistry, stand at the forefront of corrosion prevention, targeting corrosive fluids, chlorides, and humid environments. Here’s why coating formulators should consider working with A S Harrison & Co’s corrosion inhibitors for their inks and coatings:

Comprehensive Corrosion Elimination

These additives are engineered to eliminate corrosion caused by corrosive fluids, chlorides, or humid environments. By integrating multiple technologies and the patented VpCI® chemistry, these additives provide robust protection against a wide range of corrosive elements, ensuring the longevity and integrity of coated surfaces.

Cost Savings and Efficiency

Implementing corrosion inhibitors can lead to significant cost savings by reducing expenses associated with expensive alloys, corrosion claims, and labor-intensive maintenance. By proactively preventing corrosion, formulators can minimise downtime, extend equipment lifespan, and optimise operational efficiency.

Dual Protection Mechanisms

Many of these additives not only offer excellent contact protection but also provide additional vapor-phase protection for metals in void spaces. The VpCI® molecules in these additives vaporise and diffuse throughout enclosures, forming a molecular hydrophobic layer that shields metal surfaces from corrosive elements such as oxygen, moisture, and chlorides.

Versatile Additive Portfolio

This comprehensive range of additives tailored for paints and coatings, cater to various formulation requirements. Whether for solvent-based or waterborne coatings, these additives cover a wide array of systems including acrylics, urethanes, epoxies, alkyds, and more. This versatility ensures that formulators can find the ideal corrosion inhibitor for their specific coating application.

Flash Rust Prevention and Long-Term Protection

These additives not only eliminate flash rust but also provide long-term corrosion protection against humidity and salt fog. This dual functionality ensures that coated surfaces remain pristine and corrosion-free even under challenging environmental conditions, maintaining the integrity and appearance of assets over time.

Partner with A S Harrison & Co and leverage their advanced coating corrosion inhibitors to ensure superior protection against corrosion and extend the lifespan of your coated surfaces. With our collaboration, you can achieve optimal performance, efficiency, and cost savings in your coating formulations.


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