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Mold Inhibiting Agents

Mold inhibiting agents play a vital role in coating additives, safeguarding against mold growth and preserving coating integrity. Explore the world of mold inhibiting agents and discover how they protect coatings across various applications.

Industrial Fungicide and Preservative

Explore our specialised range of mold inhibiting agents, meticulously formulated as industrial fungicides and preservatives. These agents are engineered to inhibit mold growth and preserve coating integrity in a variety of non-preservative applications, ensuring long-lasting protection and durability.

Versatile Applications

Discover the versatility of our mold inhibiting agents, suitable for a wide range of applications including adhesives, dried films, industrial yarns and fabrics, latex paint, paper and paperboard, paper coatings, and water-reduced industrial materials. Whether it’s protecting adhesives from fungal contamination or preserving paper coatings, our agents deliver reliable mold inhibition for optimal performance.

Efficient Protection for Diverse Substrates

Benefit from the efficient protection provided by our mold inhibiting agents across diverse substrates. From porous materials like paper and fabrics to non-porous surfaces like dried films and industrial materials, our agents ensure comprehensive mold inhibition for a wide range of coating applications.

Seamless Integration for Superior Performance

Experience the seamless integration of our mold inhibiting agents into coating formulations, ensuring consistent and reliable performance with every application. With easy incorporation and minimal formulation adjustments, coatings treated with our agents achieve exceptional mold inhibition without compromising other coating properties.

Tailored Support for Maximum Impact

Rely on our team of experts for personalised support and guidance, assisting you in selecting and optimising mold inhibiting agent solutions for your specific coating needs. From product recommendations to formulation adjustments, we’re committed to helping you achieve superior mold protection and coating performance.

Our range of mold inhibiting agents offers unparalleled protection and durability, safeguarding coatings against mold growth across diverse applications. Elevate your coatings to new levels of reliability and longevity with our advanced solutions, and experience the difference in mold-free performance and coating integrity.


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