Matting Agents

Matting agents play a crucial role in coating additives, optimising surface characteristics and performance across various coating systems. Dive into the world of matting agents and discover how they elevate coatings for superior aesthetics and functionality.

Solvent-Based and Water-Based Formulations

Explore our specialised range of matting agents, suitable for both solvent-based and water-based coating systems. Whether it’s achieving matte finishes in solvent-based coatings or enhancing surface texture in water-based formulations, our agents deliver exceptional results.

General Purpose Synthetic Wax for Powder Coatings

Discover our general-purpose synthetic wax additives designed to enhance mar and slip resistance in powder coatings. With superior performance and versatility, our synthetic wax additives ensure coatings maintain their integrity and aesthetics over time.

Polypropylene Waxes for Hotmelt Adhesives

Uncover the benefits of our polypropylene waxes tailored for hotmelt adhesives, offering superior performance in bonding applications. With excellent adhesion properties and thermal stability, our polypropylene waxes ensure reliable performance in demanding adhesive applications.

Multipurpose Additive for Coatings

Experience the versatility of our multifunctional additive suitable for various coatings applications. Whether it’s acting as a matting agent, rheology modifier, or enhancing pigment orientation, our products ensure your coatings achieve optimal performance and aesthetics.

Effortless Integration for Superior Results

Benefit from the seamless integration of our matting agents into coating formulations, ensuring consistent and reliable performance with every application. With easy incorporation and minimal formulation adjustments, coatings treated with our agents achieve exceptional results without added complexity.

Tailored Support for Maximum Impact

Rely on our team of experts for personalised support and guidance, assisting you in selecting and optimising matting agent solutions for your specific coating needs. From product recommendations to formulation adjustments, we’re committed to helping you achieve impeccable finishes and superior performance.

Our range of matting agents offers unparalleled versatility and performance, enhancing coatings for superior aesthetics and functionality. Elevate your coatings to new levels of perfection with our advanced solutions, and experience the difference in surface texture, durability, and performance.


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