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Flow & Levelling Agents

Flow and levelling agents stand as essential components in coating additives, revolutionising surface quality and finish. Explore the realm of flow and levelling agents and discover how they transform coatings into smooth, defect-free surfaces.

High-Performance Acrylic Polymers

Delve into our specialised range of flow and levelling agents, formulated with high-performance acrylic polymers meticulously adsorbed onto silica using adsorption technology. These agents ensure optimal flow and levelling, resulting in coatings with impeccable surface quality.

Smooth, Defect-Free Surfaces

Experience the transformative power of our flow and levelling agents in formulating coatings for smooth, flawless surfaces. From automotive finishes to architectural coatings, our agents ensure coatings achieve superior aesthetics and performance.

Added Benefits

Discover our specialty additives, offering additional benefits beyond standard flow and levelling. These additives may enhance recoatability, edge coverage, and contamination resistance, ensuring coatings maintain their pristine appearance and functionality over time.

Effortless Integration for Superior Results

Benefit from the seamless integration of our flow and levelling agents into coating formulations, ensuring consistent and reliable performance with every application. With easy incorporation and minimal formulation adjustments, coatings treated with our agents achieve exceptional results without added complexity.

Tailored Solutions for Every Need

Experience the versatility of our flow and levelling agent solutions, tailored to meet specific coating requirements and application scenarios. Whether it’s achieving flawless finishes in high-traffic areas or enhancing aesthetics in decorative coatings, our agents deliver targeted solutions for optimal results.

Reliable Support for Maximum Impact

Rely on our team of experts for personalised support and guidance, assisting you in selecting and optimising flow and levelling agent solutions for your specific coating needs. From product recommendations to formulation adjustments, we’re committed to helping you achieve impeccable finishes and superior performance.

Our range of flow and levelling agents sets a new standard for surface quality and finish in coatings, ensuring smooth, defect-free surfaces that exceed expectations. Elevate your coatings to new levels of perfection with our advanced solutions, and experience the difference in aesthetics and performance.


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