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Catalyst Agents

Catalysts play a pivotal role in coating additives, optimising reactivity across various powder coating chemistries. Explore our comprehensive catalyst range, meticulously engineered to enhance performance and efficiency in coating formulations.

Versatile Catalyst Solutions

Discover catalysts tailored to accelerate curing processes and optimise chemical reactions in epoxy, polyester, hybrid, and other powder coating systems. Our catalysts seamlessly integrate, offering unmatched performance enhancements across diverse applications.

Innovative Formulations

Choose from two distinct formulations: 100% active or adsorbed onto a carrier using a proprietary adsorption process. This ensures maximum efficiency and ease of integration into existing coating formulations, enhancing overall productivity.

Consistent Performance

Experience reliable and consistent results, even in demanding coating applications such as automotive finishes and architectural coatings. Our catalysts pave the way for coatings that excel in performance, longevity, and aesthetic appeal.

Our catalyst range represents a cornerstone in coating innovation, offering unparalleled reactivity enhancements across all major powder coating chemistries. Elevate your coatings to unprecedented levels of excellence with our advanced catalyst solutions and stay ahead in today’s dynamic market landscape.


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