Choosing the right MCT for your Ketogenic product

The key purpose of using an MCT powder is due to the ketone driving potential and the gut impact it has on your body. However, if you do not choose the right product, you may come across trade-offs such as allergen status (gluten, dairy) and high carbohydrate levels.

  • Did you know the grams of active ketone – producing MCTs are only the C8 and C10 caprylic acids? MCT also have other caprylic acids like C12, which really doesn’t serve any purpose for ketosis. This means that higher the percentage of MCT oil present in the product, higher the caprylic acids.
  • Quality of the powder carrier – Different powders has different benefits. Some might be high glycaemic or gut irritants and others might be able to promote gut flora. It’s important to be very mindful of choosing the right carrier for MCT.
  • Non-allergen status such as GMO-free, gluten, dairy free, may also be important for your customers.

MCT Powder

Coconut MCT Powder

Coconut oil is one of nature’s best sources of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT’s). They play a key role in the body’s metabolism of fats and energy production. MCT’s are more rapidly absorbed by the body and more quickly metabolised as fuel. Acting as a key component, MCT’s are commonly used in products that cater to the KETOGENIC DIET.

Why choose our MCT Powder?

Our Coconut MCT Powder contains one of the highest oil loads in the market. This means our product has a high content of C8 and C10 Caprylic Acids. This is a “must have” ingredient for your product differentiation. Our general MCT powder is plated in Maltodextrin, and we also offer a matrix of acacia gum, modified starch and sodium caseinate as alternatives.

Product benefits

  • The typical fatty acid composition on MCT 70%
    C8 caprylic acid 56%
    C10 caprylic acid 42%
  • Rich and creamy mouth-feel
  • Available matrix: Maltodextrin, acacia gum, modified starch, sodium caseinate

**Minimum orders are applied for different matrix


  • MCT 70%
  • MCT 50%

Why not try our MCT powder?

For samples and to learn more about our MCT product range contact our Market Manager, Thari Mudalige on 02 8978 1045 or email


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