Skin’s Best Defense with Biotilys®

In the dynamic landscape of personal care formulations, the pursuit of skincare solutions that not only nourish but also protect and restore the skin is paramount. Enter Biotilys® – a revolutionary ingredient poised to revolutionise skincare formulations with its multifaceted benefits. Derived from Aqua and Lactobacillus Ferment Lysate, Biotilys® is the key to unlocking radiant, healthy skin.

A Versatile Defense Booster

Biotilys® serves as a potent defense booster in skincare formulations, making it a versatile ingredient for a range of products, including moisturising care, protective and repair care, microbiota-friendly care, and solutions tailored for dry skin.

Maintaining Microbial Balance

One of Biotilys®’s standout features is its ability to maintain the skin’s microbial balance. By promoting microbial biodiversity, it fortifies the cutaneous barrier, protecting against environmental stressors and accelerating cutaneous barrier recovery.

Strengthening the Skin Barrier

Biotilys® strengthens the skin barrier, enhancing its resilience against external aggressions. This ensures that the skin remains fortified and better equipped to withstand daily challenges, ultimately promoting overall skin health.

Hydrating and Soothing Properties

With exceptional hydrating properties, Biotilys® improves skin hydration levels, leaving the skin supple and revitalised. Its soothing and calming effects make it particularly effective in reducing redness and irritation, providing relief to sensitive skin types.

Incorporating Biotilys® into your personal care formulations is a game-changer. Its ability to prevent skin problems, maintain microbial balance, strengthen the skin barrier, and provide soothing hydration makes it indispensable for formulators seeking to create high-performance skincare products. Embrace the power of Biotilys® and unveil the secret to radiant, resilient skin.


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