Are you ready for the high demands of GDI performance?

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have been under significant pressure to meet increased vehicle emissions and fuel economy regulations. Gasoline direct injection (GDI) engine technology has offered the OEMs scope to improve performance and fuel consumption, providing up to 20% improvement in fuel economy and emissions over current port fuel injection (PFI) engines. ​

Benefits of GDI

  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Superior fuel economy – GDI offers up to 20% more efficiency compared to PFI engines
  • Enhanced performance – sophisticated power delivery system
  • A key strategy to meet emission standards – applicable across a wide range of vehicles

Problems of GDI

OEMs have increased the supply of vehicles with GDI engines in an effort to meet emissions requirements and drivers demands for more fuel-efficient vehicles.

GDI engines offer multiple advantages over PFI engines, but they are more prone to injector deposits as the injectors are exposed to higher pressures and temperatures inside the engine. Fouled injectors on GDI engines can result in a significant increase of particulate emissions and deterioration of fuel economy and driveability.

Existing intake valve deposit (IVD) control additives have been shown to be ineffective at removing GDI injector deposits due to the increased pressures and temperatures the injectors are exposed to. New GDI specific additives are required to manage these new types of deposits and the issues the come along with them.

Dynamico can achieve injector/GDI “clean-up”

Innospec has developed a new patented gasoline detergent additive – Dynamico. It is specifically formulated to clean up and prevent injector deposits in the harsh working environments of GDI engines. The removal and prevention of injector deposits will ensure peak performance is maintained while minimising particulate emissions.

The Coordinated European Council (CEC) is currently in the process of developing standardised testing to evaluate the performance of GDI additives.

Marketing GDI claims

The Australian fuel market is yet to respond to the shift towards GDI engines with a premium fuel specifically aimed at GDI performance. Early adoption of GDI claims offers fuel companies a unique opportunity to differentiate from the rest of the market. Please talk to us about support with tailored marketing and testing data for GDI claims.

Are you ready for the high demands of GDI performance?


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