Are you looking for authentic meat powders rich in flavour?

Manufactured in Europe, our high-quality meat powders deliver the desired flavour and nutritional profile to your applications. You can ensure that our meat powders are made only from premium ingredients with a fully traceable supply chain.

Why opt for our meat powders?

  • 100% meat powder
  • No viscera or by-products
  • Rich and authentic flavours
  • Clean label
  • No additives, soy, HVP and MSG
  • No unnecessary fillers, spices, dextrose or added salt
  • Very fine powders – easy mixing with other ingredients
  • Natural base for savoury flavours
  • Shelf life – 2 years from manufactured date
  • Dehydrated milled and spray dried options available
  • Custom blends (MOQ applicable)
  • Organic options available

Chicken Powders

Originating from whole chicken meat only, with no bones. This chicken meat can be a mix of meat coming from parts of the whole bird. It is also possible to make a product derived from special parts of the bird only such as breast meat, thigh meat, skin and liver.

  • Chicken skin and meat powder
  • Chicken broth with Maltodextrin
  • Chicken fat with chicken broth
  • Pure chicken
  • Chicken liver

Pork Powders

  • Bacon powder, with or without smoke flavour
  • Bacon powder
  • Ham
  • Pork Liver

Applications: Meat powders can be used in many application areas, for example, stuffing, sauces, gravies, noodles, pancake mixes, pot pies, pasta, soups, nuggets, stock powder, soup powders, baby food, fillings, seasonings, coatings, ready meals and snacks.

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A S Harrison & Co difference

Our food ingredients are backed by in-depth knowledge of your business needs. Not only do we provide you with the ingredients, but we are also able to offer you value-added support, including technical assistance and service through to new recipe ideas and expert promotional programs. That’s the A S Harrison & Co difference.

For samples and to learn more about our meat product range contact our Market Manager, Thari Mudalige on 02 8978 1045 or email


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