Are you API SP Ready?

The two new ILSAC specifications, GF-6A and GF-6B, and a new API Service Category, API SP have been introduced representing the next generation of PCMO engine oils. See more information here.

These specifications are designed to:

  • Prevent Wear
  • Protect against LSPI and Timing Chain wear
  • Ensure proper operation
  • Improve fuel economy

See this video link from API for more information on GF-6.

These specifications introduce new advanced performance requirements for PCMO applications. This includes seven new tests, including a chain wear test and a new test for ultra-low viscosity engine oils. The standards also include the new low speed pre-ignition (LSPI) test to ensure protection.

OLOA® 55516 is API SP ready!

Great news, if you are already using OLOA® 55516 then you are ready to start blending ILSAC GF-6A, ILSAC GF-6B, and API SP oils. If not, no problem! A S Harrison & Co carry OLOA® 55516 in stock in Australia so contact your account manager for more details on getting ready for API SP.

OLOA® 55516 benefits:

OLOA® 54530: New ACEA C2/C3 additive with API SP

With the introduction of API SP there are also upcoming changes to market requirements for ACEA C2/C3 engine oil profiles. In particular ACEA C2/C3 oils will need to be SP ready.

OLOA® 54530 benefits:   .                                                                                       

  • Full profile 5W30 & 5W40 Synthetic
  • Optimised profile 5W30 Semi-Synthetic
  • Utilises locally made premium VIPOL Viscosity Modifiers

Key Advantages:

  • Address new LSPI requirements in C3 segment
  • Improved logistics with one DI for Full and Short profiles
  • Use PARATONE OCP VM for all profiles
  • Wide Gp3 BO coverage
  • High Gp2 content in Short profile

OLOA® 54720: New ACEA C5 additive with API SP (in progress)

ACEA C5 oils will also be upgraded to be SP ready – OLOA® 54720 is your solution!

OLOA® 54720 benefits:

  • ACEA C5 and soon API SP ready
  • First technology approved against BMW LL17FE+ and Opel-Vauxhall OV0401547 (replaces dexos2 Gen 2)
  • Comprehensive OEM coverage
  • Combines ACEA, API, ILSAC and multiple OEM claims onto one 0W-20 package
  • Cascadable treat rate for increased flexibility

Contact your A S Harrison & Co representative for further information about API SP.


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