Antiscalants and Antifoulants

Desalination plants and industrial processes that require ultra-high-quality water such as power plants, bio-refineries, pharmaceutical and food & beverage manufacturer, utilise reverse osmosis as part of their water treatment regimen.  

Our range of membrane antiscalants and antifoulants can help eliminate problems of difficult water chemistry, especially related to calcium, sulphate, barium and strontium scaling as well as iron and silica fouling and membrane biofouling.

We can provide powerful antiscalants that allow RO, NF, UF & MF systems to operate at higher recoveries while using cost-effective dosages for challenging feed waters.

ROSSEP Process

Our unique PROTON® software and ROSSEP process include the use of a pilot plant, which allows us the opportunity to investigate and suggest ways to optimise your treatment and plant operation quickly.    

PROTON®: Membrane Aqueous Chemistry Calculator

PROTON® is the world most powerful state of the art membrane antiscalant software package created by American Water Chemicals (AWC). PROTON® is the first antiscalant software that can design a reverse osmosis system, account for membrane properties and flux rates at the various stages of a system, taking into consideration the scale kinetics. Thanks to PROTON® we are able to identify the right antiscalant and its adequate dosage accordingly with your water system.

PROTON® Advantages

  • Allows the user to compare the required feed pressure and permeate water quality for various membranes under identical conditions. Once the design is selected, the user can simply select a different membrane type and can instantly see the impact on pressure, water quality and scaling potential. The user can see real-time impacts of changes in pH, temperature or recovery on pressure, flux and permeate quality.
  • Accurately calculates boron rejection with varying pH, accounting for both temperature and ionic strength, and differentiating between rejection by nanofiltration, brackish and seawater membranes. Other contaminant rejections that are calculated include iron, manganese, aluminium, ammonia, nitrate, nitrite and sulphides.
  • Only software currently available that takes into account scale kinetics.
  • Only software currently available that predicts arsenic rejection with varying pH, temperature and ionic strength.
  • Provides calculations that help with the design of pre-treatment coagulation and post-treatment degasification.

Cleaning Chemicals

Our wide range of liquid and powder cleaning chemical, with low and high pH, are specifically developed for dissolution of carbonate and phosphate scale, iron, aluminium and other metal oxides and hydroxides, as well as the removal of heavy organic and biological fouling from membrane surfaces.

Some of our cleaners effectively penetrate biofilms, oils and greases, while others are specifically formulated to disperse colloidal foulants, silts & clays.


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