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Water Treatment & Protection

Water treatment and protection additives play the extremely important role of maintaining water quality and ecosystem health in agricultural settings. These additives offer solutions for various challenges, from enhancing biogas production, to treating industrial and municipal lagoons and promoting the growth of beneficial algae in water bodies.

Enhancing Biogas Production and Process Stability

One key benefit of our water treatment additives is their ability to improve biogas production during the digestion of organic waste. By enhancing microbial activity and optimising digestion conditions, these additives increase biogas yields and improve process stability. This not only maximises the energy potential of organic waste but also reduces environmental impact by mitigating methane emissions.

Lagoon Treatment Additives for Impurity Removal

In addition to biogas production, our range of additives includes lagoon treatment products and bioconverters tailored for industrial and municipal lagoons. These additives are designed to remove impurities and contaminants from wastewater, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and protecting surrounding ecosystems. By promoting the breakdown of organic matter and reducing odors, these treatments contribute to cleaner water and healthier environments.

Super-Concentrate of Micronutrients for Algae Growth

Our super-concentrate of micronutrients additive is specifically formulated to enhance the growth of diatom algae, fostering a healthy ecosystem in lagoons, stormwater ponds, recreational lakes, and farm dams. Diatom algae play a crucial role in water quality by consuming excess nutrients and oxygenating the water, thereby reducing the risk of algal blooms and promoting biodiversity. By providing essential micronutrients in a highly concentrated form, our additive supports the growth of diatom algae, resulting in clearer water and improved ecological balance.

Water treatment and protection additives offer multifaceted solutions for addressing various challenges in agricultural water management. From enhancing biogas production to treating industrial and municipal lagoons and promoting the growth of beneficial algae, these additives play a vital role in maintaining water quality, preserving ecosystems, and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. With our range of specialised additives, farmers and water managers can effectively address water treatment needs while minimising environmental impact and maximising resource efficiency.


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