Wetting Agents

Wetting agents are essential tools in soil treatment and protection in agriculture, facilitating optimal water distribution and nutrient uptake for crops. Our range of wetting agents offers easy-to-handle solutions that are effective for both Wettable Powder (WP) and Water dispersible Granule (WG) solid formulations. These wetting agents play a crucial role in improving soil moisture retention, particularly in sandy or hydrophobic soils where water penetration may be limited. By breaking down surface tension and promoting uniform water distribution, our wetting agents ensure that plants receive adequate hydration, leading to healthier root systems and improved crop growth.

Furthermore, our wetting agents enhance the efficacy of pesticides and fertilizers by ensuring even coverage and penetration into the soil. By improving the spread of active ingredients, they maximise the effectiveness of soil treatments, leading to better pest control and nutrient uptake. Additionally, our wetting agents can reduce runoff and leaching, minimising environmental impact and optimising resource utilisation in agricultural practices.

Incorporating our wetting agents into soil treatment programs offers numerous benefits for farmers, including improved water management, enhanced nutrient efficiency, and increased crop yields. By addressing soil hydrophobicity and improving water infiltration, our wetting agents promote more uniform soil moisture levels, reducing the risk of drought stress and water-related crop damage. Moreover, their compatibility with various solid formulations makes them versatile solutions for a wide range of agricultural applications.

Overall, our range of wetting agents provides farmers with effective tools to enhance soil treatment and protection in agriculture. With easy-to-handle formulations suitable for different soil types and agricultural needs, our wetting agents empower farmers to achieve optimal results while conserving resources and preserving soil health.


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