BCP® range are manure treatment and compost accelerator additives that naturally accelerate the breakdown process of solid agriculture waste.

Product Description BenefitsApplications
is a manure treatment.
Enhances and accelerates the biological digestion of animal wastes (i.e., manure). It is proven effective in helping to reduce odors and sludge accumulations. Helps ensure rapid biological startup. Reduces costs of manure pit maintenance and drainage. Breaks up solids and decreases organic content. Reduces odors. Increases fertiliser value. Used in slurry storage, lagoons and digesters.
BCP85™BCP85™ is a compost accelerator.Blend of bacteria, yeast, enzymes, and nutrients that will naturally accelerate the breakdown of household and agricultural organic wastes in composting processes.Used in vermicomposting,
aerated static pile composting, windrow composting, in-vessel composting.
This is a snapshot of the products that we have available, please contact your A S Harrison & Co representative for a discussion on the products appropriate for your applications.


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