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Agriculture Waste Treatments

Agricultural waste treatments play a crucial role in sustainable farming practices, offering solutions to manage organic residues effectively. Our range includes manure treatment and compost accelerator additives designed to naturally accelerate the breakdown process of solid agricultural waste. By enhancing microbial activity, these additives facilitate faster decomposition of manure and organic matter, converting them into nutrient-rich compost that can be used to improve soil fertility and structure. With our products, farmers can efficiently manage agricultural waste, reducing reliance on chemical fertilisers and promoting environmental sustainability.

In addition to manure treatments, we offer a plant-derived biostimulant, surfactant, and odor control product tailored to promote microbiological activity in composting. This innovative solution supplies bacteria with a food source rich in macro and micro-elements, stimulating microbial growth and activity. By enhancing microbial populations, the product accelerates the decomposition of organic matter, resulting in faster composting and odor reduction. Furthermore, the surfactant properties improve moisture retention and distribution in compost piles, ensuring optimal conditions for microbial activity and composting efficiency. With this multi-functional product, farmers can efficiently manage agricultural waste while producing high-quality compost for soil enrichment and crop production.

Overall, our agriculture waste treatments offer sustainable solutions to manage organic residues and promote soil health. From manure treatment and compost acceleration to odor control and microbial stimulation, our products address the diverse needs of modern farming operations. By incorporating these solutions into their waste management practices, farmers can reduce environmental impact, improve soil fertility, and enhance crop productivity. With a focus on sustainability and efficiency, our agriculture waste treatments empower farmers to adopt environmentally friendly practices while achieving optimal results in their operations.


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