Protection Fruits

In the realm of plant treatment and protection, ensuring the safety and quality of fruits is paramount. High-quality non-oxidised and oxidised polyethylene, along with EVA-copolymer-wax, play essential roles in safeguarding fruits throughout their growth, harvesting, and storage phases.

Non-oxidised and oxidized polyethylene films provide a protective barrier against external factors such as pests, diseases, and adverse weather conditions. These films act as physical shields, preventing pests from accessing fruits and reducing the risk of damage caused by environmental stressors. Additionally, their impermeability to water helps minimise moisture loss and maintain optimal fruit hydration, ensuring freshness and prolonging shelf life.

EVA-copolymer-wax coatings offer further protection by forming a thin, flexible layer over the fruit surface. This coating helps preserve fruit quality by reducing moisture loss, preventing bruising, and minimising the risk of fungal infections. Additionally, EVA-copolymer-wax coatings can enhance the appearance of fruits, giving them a glossy finish that enhances their visual appeal and marketability.

Moreover, these protective materials contribute to sustainable fruit production practices by reducing the need for chemical pesticides and fungicides. By providing a physical barrier against pests and diseases, non-oxidised and oxidised polyethylene films, along with EVA-copolymer-wax coatings, help minimise reliance on harmful chemicals, promoting eco-friendly farming methods.

High-quality non-oxidised and oxidised polyethylene films, combined with EVA-copolymer-wax coatings, play vital roles in fruit protection throughout the cultivation and post-harvest stages. Their ability to form protective barriers, reduce moisture loss, and enhance fruit appearance contributes to the overall quality, safety, and marketability of fruits.


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