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Plant Treatment & Protection

Within the domain of agriculture, plant treatment and protection are paramount for ensuring optimal crop yield, quality, and resilience against pests, diseases, and environmental stressors. Agricultural additives play crucial roles in formulating effective solutions to safeguard crops throughout their lifecycle. From adhesives to chelating agents and emulsifiers, each additive serves specific functions in enhancing plant protection and promoting sustainable farming practices.

Adhesives and Polybutene

Preserving Crop Integrity adhesives and polybutene emerge as essential components in agriculture and farming formulations, providing a protective barrier to preserve and protect agricultural crops from growing to harvesting and storage. These additives ensure crops remain resilient against environmental stressors and maintain quality during storage, contributing to sustainable farming practices.


Enhancing herbicide efficacy adjuvants find their niche in Soluble Liquid (SL) herbicide formulations, serving as effective wetting agents in liquid fertilisers and tank mix adjuvants. By optimising herbicide efficacy and ensuring uniform coverage, adjuvants aid in weed management, maximising agricultural productivity and promoting efficient resource utilisation.

Chelating Agents

Improving formulation compatibility chelating agents play a vital role in enhancing the compatibility of Wettable Powder (WP) and Water Dispersible Granule (WG) formulations with hard water. Additionally, they serve as conditioning agents in tank mixes, preventing clogging and ensuring consistent application of plant protection products. This versatility makes chelating agents indispensable in modern agricultural practices.

Dispersing Agents

Ensuring formulation stability, dispersing agents contribute to formulation stability by lowering the viscosity of particulate slurries and inhibiting the settling of particulate solids. This ensures uniform distribution of active ingredients, enhancing the effectiveness of plant protection products and promoting optimal crop health throughout the growing season.


Forming physical barriers for pest control clays, such as kaolin based, provide effective protection against pests and diseases by forming physical barriers on plant surfaces. This deters insect feeding and reduces disease transmission, bolstering crop resilience and minimising the need for chemical interventions in pest management strategies.


Facilitating formulation versatility, emulsifiers play a crucial role in crop protection, facilitating the formulation of various liquid products essential for effective pest management. Categorised into Anionic and Non-Ionic Emulsifiers, they offer distinct advantages in formulation versatility and performance, ensuring efficient dispersion of active ingredients for targeted pest control.

Fruit Protection

Extending shelf life fruit protection additives offer protection against volatilisation during transit and storage, preserving fruit quality and extending shelf life. These additives safeguard against moisture loss and physical damage, maintaining the freshness and marketability of harvested produce.

Plant Protection

Harnessing beneficial microorganisms environmentally these friendly plant protection blends utilise beneficial microorganisms as a sustainable alternative to chemical pesticides. By promoting natural pest control and enhancing soil health, these blends contribute to eco-friendly farming practices, supporting biodiversity conservation and long-term agricultural sustainability.

Wood Protection

Preserving wooden structures, wood protection additives, such as benzalkonium chloride (BAC), serve as cationic surfactants used in wood preservation, safeguarding against decay and insect damage. This extends the lifespan of wooden structures and contributes to sustainable practices.


Facilitating formulation dispersion solvents used in plant treatment formulations, including water-immiscible and high-flash-point solvents, facilitate the dispersion of active ingredients in Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC), Emulsion in Water (EW), and Supo-Emulsion (SE) formulations. These solvents ensure effective application and optimal plant protection, contributing to overall crop health and productivity.

Agricultural additives play diverse and indispensable roles in enhancing plant treatment and protection strategies in modern crop protection and farming. By understanding their functions and incorporating them into formulations, farmers can optimise crop yield, quality, and sustainability, ensuring food security for present and future generations.


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