A S Harrison & Co welcomes CORUM as a channel partner!

A S Harrison & Co, the global channel partner within the specialty additives space, is delighted to welcome CORUM Inc. to its family.

With CORUM’s expertise in ingredients for the cosmetics, and personal care industries, A S Harrison & Co is excited to expand its portfolio and offer customers access to CORUM’s innovative, high-quality actives.

The addition of CORUM to the A S Harrison & Co family further solidifies its commitment to provide a full range of ingredients that cover customer needs by adding on-trend and sought-after vitamins and peptides for skincare applications.

CORUM has developed over 27 patented ingredients and applications, including anti-aging peptides, all-round protective vitamin C derivatives, and its anti-acne azelaic acid derivatives.

See what we have on offer!

Vitamin C Derivatives

Learn more about the oil soluble IP-VC™ and their water-soluble version, Et-VC® a stable and potent multi-functional antioxidant.


With a wide range of water soluble and oil dispersible peptides, this scientifically proven high-efficiency line will enhance a variety of skin care and colour cosmetic formulation.

With an emphasis on R&D innovation, scientific rigor, CORUM’s products are backed by ongoing research, clinical testing, and rigorous quality control, ensuring the highest standard of efficacy. 

Their expertise in molecular cosmetics and biotechnology allows them to develop active ingredients and new cosmetic applications.​​​


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