A S Harrison & Co partners with Geo40 

We are excited to announce that Geo40 low-carbon colloidal silicas are now available to A S Harrison & Co customers in New Zealand and Australia! 

Geo40 has developed a world-first technology for the recovery of high-quality colloidal silica from geothermal fluids. This has been successfully scaled from the laboratory through pilot, demonstration and full commercial plants. They are now repeating this journey for recovery of lithium and other sustainable low carbon future minerals.

Geo40’s low carbon mineral recovery technologies provide sustainable solutions to traditional extraction methods, for deployment at scale in the global transition towards cleaner energy and greener critical minerals and offer a number of features/benefits;


  • Very low carbon footprint
  • Sustainably recovered from NZ geothermal water
  • Nano-particle product range across 5-14 nm
  • Adoption of sustainably sourced low-carbon strategic minerals


  • End products to have lower carbon footprint
  • Less energy used in production and local source. Quick to recover from brine and easily transported or exported  
  • Customisable particle size for use in applications such as permeation grouting precision investment casting, cementitious admixtures, road, construction, ceramic fibre refractory, coatings, pulp and paper, rubber and latex and biomedical
  • Value creation that can be shared across the wider geothermal ecosystem thereby fostering guardship of the environment or Kaitiakitanga (in indigenous Māori).

This low carbon Colloidal Silica products can be used in multiple applications and help you develop new products and solutions that are cleaner, energy efficient and add value.

Contact us if you are interested in how Geo40 Colloidal Silica can take your current technology and new innovations to the next step.


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